Libelium continues to grow with the acquisition of HOPU

The acquisition is part of Libelium’s growth plan following the venture of a stake by Axon Partners,



Air Quality Station

Cities require Reference Air Quality stations to monitor key pollution parameters. These stations have high costs and their size is significant.
Libelium Air Quality Station has been designed integrating Artificial Intelligence to create predictive models that you can manage through Libelium Cloud.

New Noise Level Sensor

Noise pollution is an urgent problem,
at Libelium we are driving change for a greener future.

New Libelium Cloud

Libelium Cloud is the new software platform that allows the management of an IoT project from the beginning to the end.

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IoT transforms data to productivity in any changing scenario. Discover now all the IoT Solutions and future applications we can offer to your company. Together we go beyond the challenge.

IoT Products

Discover all our reliable and certified devices based on IoT technology and connect them to the cloud. Find out more about how we can go beyond the challenge together.

Libelium World

Dive into our IoT Blog. The mission of the people behind Libelium is to help companies, cities and citizens achieve a more competitive, sustainable and datacratized society. Don’t miss any update, this is your blog.

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We care about people and also about world’s sustainability. Companies and cities need to be more competitive, secure, sustainable and datacratized with reliable insights provided by our technology. Are you a reseller or distributor already working in the IoT field? Can you add value to our solutions? Let’s talk. We want you!

More about our Ecosystem

120 Countries

+100 Partners

30 Distributors

Libelium ecosystem
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